IT Service Relationship Manager


Nottinghamshire, England

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£40000 - £45000 per annum

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Mag Dutka

IT Partnership Management

Location: Nottinghamshire

Role: Permanent

Salary: £40,000 to £45,000 (DOE)

Scope of the role

New integrations:

  1. Engage new partner
  1. Work with Partner to obtain details of partner product, arrange product overview for team, request details about test lab availability, partner agreement, documentation, support available
  • Facilitate product overview session with partner - include Product Owner, Dev, QA (later would include Engineering and Support)
  • Facilitate membership to partner program, partner contract/agreement
  • Ensure Product Owner has contact at Partner to work with to do requirements analysis
  • Determine test lab availability and work with Dev, QA and IT to facilitate implementation
  • Determine implementation plan for test lab - who can install, who will own, how will we get support?
  • Determine routes for business to access partner developer materials and support
  • Keep track of any associated costs in short term and long term development plans - partner membership fees, initial test lab software/licences and installations, continued test lab upgrades, certification and testing costs
  • Gain awareness of partners product roadmap to gain insight into possible future development requirements and feed into PSG / roadmap planning
  • Understand any partner certification processes and obligations

  1. Facilitate implementation of test lab where required
    1. Gain cost approvals, and raise orders for any equipment
    2. Arrange any 3rd party installation visits
    3. Ensure Dev/QA involvement for handover of test lab
    4. Ensure IT involvement for specific network considerations during implementation
  1. Throughout development of new partner integration, work with product manager to ensure all teams are supported by partner to remain on track against release plan
  1. Throughout release planning phase, work with product manager to ensure all teams have the information they need and feed in plan to 'onboard new partner' - considering product documentation requirements, support, engineering, contracts, marketing, pricing, obligations with partnership
  1. Schedule any applicable certification work
    1. Ensure necessary paperwork available
    2. Costs approved and processed
    3. Track to completion

Existing integration partners:

  • Keep up to date with partner roadmaps
  • Plan certifications/interop testing
  • Ensure all relevant partner agreements in place
  • Ensure business is aware of partner obligations and access to resources
  • Ensure test environments in place? QA to execute and maintain?
  • Ensure partner details and integration details documented and available to the business

Ensure all above is managed for existing


  • implementation and responsibility of test lab?
    • Should be QA to take more ownership?
    • Challenge in time spent resolving test lab config issues and set-up - takes time away from test work
  • Knowledge of integrations and lab systems
  • API partners
    • Gap here is missing the end to end 'partner program' process
    • Needs some focus on how we handle new API partners
    • Considering levels of partnership, agreements, boundaries, support
    • Who reviews what level of partnership/how we want to work with new prospect partners?
    • Keeping partners up to date with API info - how?
    • Ensuring API material available?
    • Point of contact for API partner queries?

Managing onboarding of a new API partner

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